Editorial Policies

“The mission of the Coconut Grove Spotlight is to serve as an independent nonprofit news organization producing and delivering fair, factual news content and information that will inform, engage, and empower its audience members to participate in the public life of their community.”

These policies serve as the guiding principles for our journalists, editors, and staff, ensuring that Coconut Grove Spotlight remains a trusted and reliable source of news and information for the Coconut Grove community.

Accuracy and Factual Integrity: Coconut Grove Spotlight is committed to delivering accurate and fact-based news content. All news articles, reports, and editorials must be thoroughly fact-checked and verified by credible sources prior to publication.

Independence and Impartiality: We uphold the principles of journalistic independence and impartiality. Our content is free from undue influence, bias, or conflicts of interest posed by staff, Board, advertisers and donors, or other constituent groups.

Diversity and Inclusion: Coconut Grove Spotlight is dedicated to representing the diverse voices and perspectives within the community. We strive to ensure that our coverage reflects the diversity of our community and that all individuals are given fair and respectful representation in our reporting.

Transparency and Accountability: We value transparency in our reporting and decision-making processes. Any corrections or clarifications necessary for maintaining the accuracy of our content will be promptly addressed and communicated to our audience.

Public Engagement and Empowerment: We encourage active public engagement and aim to empower our audience by providing them with comprehensive and insightful information that enables them to participate meaningfully in the public life of their community.

Ethical Standards and Integrity: Coconut Grove Spotlight adheres to the highest ethical standards of journalism. Our reporters and staff are expected to conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, and respect for the communities they serve.

Community Focus: Our editorial content prioritizes issues and stories that are of relevance and importance to Coconut Grove and adjacent community. We strive to cover local events, concerns, and developments that directly impact the lives of our audience members.

Editorial Oversight and Accountability: Our editorial team operates under the oversight of the Board of Directors and the Managing Editor. They ensure that our journalistic practices align with the mission and values of Coconut Grove Spotlight and that our reporting upholds the highest standards of professional journalism.


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