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Life is the bubbles

Young tikes like to drop a line in the water and ‘fish’ from the seawall at Alice Wainwright Park. Even if there’s no real hook on the line, kids love the experience next to the Bay. And the park’s recent renovation stuns many that haven’t visited since its redo. Perhaps[Read More…]

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Paddle Board at Peacock

From Peacock Park, get a paddle board and explore the Grove’s shoreline from the water.  Our favorite moments are the ‘golden hours’ just after sunrise and before sunset.  An on-the-water picnic makes it an adventure.  Don’t forget water, sun protection, personal flotation and always Leave No Trace.

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Picnic Spots

For picnics on shore, we see that the Commodore Trail’s new map includes more than a dozen hidden gems along the waterfront.  It’s hard to recommend a favorite, so you’ll just have to try each of them and let us know which is yours.  Write us here.  Just comment below.

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Mega Weaving Workshop at Vizcaya Village

Join this unique workshop with the acclaimed multidisciplinary artist Vanya Allenes as we create a “Human Loom” performance that promises to blend individual creativity with communal effort. Saturday afternoon 6/29 1:00-5:00. Vizcaya Village 3250 S. Miami Avenue. Free.

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Fourth of July Concert in Peacock Park

Bring a picnic and join the Miami Symphony Orchestra, the Official Symphony Orchestra of the City of Miami, under the baton of Maestro Eduardo Marturet, for an unforgettable Independence Day in Peacock Park. Thursday, July 4th, 7:30 p.m. Free. Dazzling visual display follows.

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