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District 2 Candidate Forum

Written responses to Spotlight questions

District 2 voters have already received their mail-in ballots, and early voting for the Nov. 7 municipal election is scheduled to begin on Sat., Oct. 28, ending Sun., Nov. 5. The Spotlight asked the eight candidates for the City of Miami District 2 commission seat to respond in writing to five questions of concern to Grovites. The questions were: 

  1. Please list the three top priorities you would tackle first, if elected, and at least one specific action you would take on each priority to advance your agenda.
  2. Please list three qualifications and/or accomplishments that have prepared you for this responsibility and explain why they elevate you as a candidate. 
  3. What are the top three action steps you would take to restore public confidence in Miami City Hall and hold public officials and city employees accountable for their conduct? 
  4. What three strategies and/or initiatives would you pursue to preserve the West Grove, if you believe the neighborhood can and should be saved? 
  5. As District 2 commissioner, what will your strategy be for moving past the current stalemate over the Coconut Grove Playhouse? 

We specified that the responses be limited to 50 words per question. All eight candidates responded. Many told us that answering the questions in just 50 words was a challenge. We thank all the candidates for trying to reach that goal and, more important, for making the effort to lead District 2 toward positive change.

To read the candidates’ responses to the five questions, click here.

To learn more about the election process and deadlines, including the early voting locations, click here.


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