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When Will It Be Safe to Cross South Bayshore Drive?

Frustrated by years of inertia along one of Coconut Grove’s busiest and most dangerous roadways, the newly formed South Bayshore Drive Condo Alliance is leading the call for a pedestrian-friendly approach to traffic management.

Pedestrian safety advocate Henrietta Schwarz believes that mid-road signs like the one shown here are an easy and inexpensive way to make Coconut Grove’s streets safer. This one is on 40th Street in the Design District north of downtown Miami.

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  1. (Posted by Spotlight staff on behalf of reader Frank Hessel.)
    The ongoing construction at the corner of SW27Ave and S Bayshore Dr has been a disaster from day one. Normally the developer or contractor have to get permission to fence in their property with city property (sidewalks). This has caused a dangerous condition. The causes people walking to cross either street with vehicles moving. When this is done a covered wood walkway is created on the sidewalk protecting pedestrians from any falling debris. This is cause expensive for the developer to do but is one of the costs for doing business. Not doing this has created a lack no of safe walking areas. Having this fence on the outside the sidewalk also creates a hazard for vehicles exiting the Grove at Grand Bay parking garage as it creates a visual hazard as there is extremely limited viewing down the street whereby oncoming traffic is not seen until almost up to the point where a car exiting is. All things being considered I am surprised that the city allowed this.

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