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GRACE: Winning the Battle, Still Fighting the War

Civic group behind redistricting lawsuit promotes affordability, cultural identity as development pressures intensify in the West Grove.

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  1. Gentrification is the displacement of those with less money by those with more.
    I’ll say again, to stabilize and preserve a neighborhood that is undergoing rapid gentrification, ownership by those with less money needs to be supported. Set-aside rental apartments “up in the air” will not slow the gentrification tide by much, although high rise rental apartments are definitely the cheapest way to provide shelter for those who have no other place to live. The City must choose whether it wants to support the historic neighborhood now known as Little Bahamas by supporting ownership (whether condo, or single family homes, or Ancillary Dwelling units, or tax relief, etc,) TOGETHER with the inevitable high -rise rental developments–OR– does the City want to put up an historic marker in a decade or saying: “Here once stood the oldest African-American community in Miami founded and built largely by Bahamian immigrants at the turn of the last century and before…” It’s a choice.

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