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Is the Sun Setting on City Hall?

Dinner Key’s historic seaplane terminal – and the city offices housed there — face an uncertain future.

Present-day image Miami City Hall at Dinner Key (Iris Guzman Kolaya for the Spotlight)

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  1. It will be interesting to see if Coconut Grove’s voting block will be as strong once City Hall’s location changes. I suspect it will, but perhaps some of the level of engagement is simply a matter of proximity. It’s easy to show up for matters that feel important.

    I will be sorry to see City Hall leave the Grove, but accessibility to all is very important and a larger chamber to accommodate public engagement will be a welcome improvement.

    It is vital that we preserve the PanAm building. We have got to stop giving away our cherished public lands and landmarks. There are certain things that require investment for quality of life. Historic preservation, in my opinion is one of them.

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